Filing Your Reports After a Car Accident

Millions of automobile accidents occur every year. Because less than half of all car accidents result in personal injury or major damage to the person’s vehicle, it’s one of the most commonly found lawsuits in the legal system. However, before you go running to a lawyer after being in an accident, you’ll want to file the accident as a report to several different agencies so that you have a better case when you do eventually go to court.

What to Do at the Scene

At the scene of the accident, it’s imperative that you call an ambulance to get checked for any type of injury. Once the ambulance comes and clears you of any injuries, you’ll want to contact the police and your insurance company. You also need to exchange insurance information with the other person involved with the accident, since they will be responsible of covering the costs if they were the one at fault. If you fail to collect this information from the other person, it can be obtained through the police report.

Where to File

You will need to file with several agencies before you leave the scene. First, you’ll want to file a claim with your local police department so that they can keep this on file for when or if you decide to go to court. You are also going to want to contact your insurance provider and file a claim so that they have it in your report if money damages are found. You can and should also contact your employer if you are not going to be able to make it into work either that day or the following work day.

How Long Do You Have to File?

You might be wondering how much time do you have to report a car accident and the simple answer is, within one week. If you fail to report a car accident either to your insurance company or the police within a week of the incident, it will be considered lesser priority and may become null and void if you decide to go to court. Therefore, it is crucial that you contact all the proper agencies to ensure that your car accident is filed and waiting for you when you go to contact a lawyer.

Getting a Lawyer

If you feel that your car accident could get you compensation, it’s time to contact a local attorney. The attorney is responsible for gathering all the necessary evidence and filing a claim in a court of law. You will then be given a court date and will need to go to court to be seen in front of a judge. The judge will use your evidence to figure out whether you’re eligible for compensation and how much you’re going to receive. The right lawyer will make a world of difference, so be sure to hire someone specific to both personal injury and car accident law.

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