Great Ideas for Your Next DIY Project

If you are considering placing your residence on the market in the near future, then this might be the ideal time to start planning your next home improvement project. Your curb appeal needs to make a good first impression. If your house does not look good, no one will care whether it is fit or not. Even though it is not a good idea to mask major structural problems, it still makes sense to make sure that you place your best foot forward.

Sprucing up the residence does not mean that you have to spend thousands of dollars on supplies or contractors. You can choose to personally tackle some of the tasks that will aid in improving the home curb appeal. The following are ways you can use to improve your home before putting it on the market:

Make the Front Door More Inviting

Depending on the kind of door that is currently in place, refinishing or staining and repainting may be the way to go. This is a simple upgrade that will make a big difference in its appearance. The good thing is that you will only spend between $20 and $50 to achieve this new look.

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Color-wise, it is always a good idea to choose something that will draw the eyes of passersby to your home entrance. But you should not go crazy with hunter orange or fuchsia. Home renovation experts recommend choosing colors that you learned in your third-grade class. For instance, if the house is brick red, you should choose a complementary color like golden hue or bluish gray for the entrance.

Refinish the Fence or Deck

A simple way to spruce up your backyard is by giving your wooden fence a facelift. You first need to clean it before treating it using a waterproof stain. You can begin by applying a deck cleaner to the fence and allowing it enough time to dry before you can start working on it.

Be sure to use a stiff, bristled brush when painting your wooden fence. The waterproof stain should come after the deck cleaner has dried completely. As you are taking care of your backyard fence, do not forget to maintain your storage sheds as well. Just because the shed is used to store your gardening tools does not mean that it should be neglected. It is still an important part of the residence.

Wash the Home Exterior

If the residence has weathered many storms in the last few months, then a scrub down will be in order. A simple scrub down will be able to provide it with an instant clean look. You should clean the dingy siding, concrete, and brick. It is recommended that all outdoor surfaces be cleaned using an oxygenated cleaning solution.

It is wise to set aside money each year for home remodeling projects. A home remodel does not have to involve extensive works like rebuilding the deck or remodeling your kitchen. Simple home maintenance tasks performed on a regular basis will help the house remain in top shape for months to come.