Here are 7 Colours that’ll look great on every Bridesmaid dresses!

Now weddings have always been about the bride and the groom, but hey, the bridesmaid is the shadow of the bride. You’re one person that the bride entrusts throughout the wedding.

And hence, this wedding is also your chance to stand out as the dazzling diva that you are. You have all the right to doll up and look the best, well, second best at your besties’ big day.

While you may want to jazz your look up, what you might not forget is that you don’t want to go anywhere close to the colours your bestie aka the bride has chosen. It is the bridesmaid dresses code of conduct and you must abide by it.

So dearest bridesmaid, if you’re wondering what are the colours that would help you stand apart without your bestie batting eyes at you, here is the list-

  1. Green

Well nothing looks as fresh as the colour green, but as a bridesmaid, for that ultimate glam you can choose between various shades of green and to be precise you can specifically choose the emerald green and slay your way like a queen.

  1. Black

Seriously, is there even an explanation needed? Black is every girl’s best friend and bridesmaid dresses look awesome in this colour because it stays far away from the bride. Also, black outshines every colour that becomes popular during the wedding season because it is the cult classic.

  1. Navy Blue

Nothing defines royalty more than the colour blue. It is classy, sassy and the perfect colour for you as a bridesmaid. You can get embellishments of golden or silver as per your preference and also cross contrast and play a little around colours with blue.

  1. Mint Green

Pastels never fail to look good stitched in the form of lehengas, and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that they are here to stay. You can mix and match pastels with some solid dark colours or go head-to-toe pastel.

  1. Mustard

Nothing shines brighter than a girl wearing shades of the sun herself. Yellow, mustard and the haldi colours help you enhance the glow that you carry out of happiness for your bestie’s big day.

  1. Blush Pink

Now pink is the colour of every girl’s heart and every shade of pink looks fabulous on girls and in weddings. But just to be on the safer side as a bridesmaid, you can choose the pastels and blush colours of pink and rock the wedding like a diva.

  1. Plum

Plum is the perfect shade for the bridesmaid who loves the dark colours to the core. Whilst red and maroon are a big time no for you as they are the bride’s go-to colours. Hence the colour that stays parallel to the same palette yet distinguishes you completely is the colour plum.

Well these are colours that will make you stand out as the bride’s best gal. You can also mix and match any of these and find your dress to put your best foot forward in. Go rock the wedding girl!

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