How to get Offline Support while Crowdfunding

The success of a fundraiser campaign is usually the result of a great fundraising idea backed up with clever promotional strategies. When we usually think about promotional strategies, the initial ideas that stream into our minds are online . Sharing the post over Facebook, sending emails to work colleagues or texting phone contacts via Whatsapp- we consider social media to be the only option. The primary challenge social media poses to every campaigner is the sheer volume of information disseminated every single moment. And for one’s campaign to gain traction in this rapid flux of information is a challenge. While even before the advent of social media, people have come together to pool funds for various social and personal causes. Offline promotion of the fundraiser is a great way (though it’s overlooked of late) to garner support for any crowdfunding campaign. Offline promotions work well because there is a certain level of personal engagement involved which cannot be created on any social media platform.

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Creativity is the key

Creativity is indeed the key to any successful promotional strategy. Be it online or offline. Being sensibly unconventional is the way to gain attention with offline promotions. Here are 3 ideas to get maximum offline support for your crowdfunding campaign:

  1. Hold a public event for your campaign – be it an open mic in an art lounge or a flash mob performance in your local mall or a street drama performance in your locality, conducting local events can help your campaign gain attention of the local newspaper. Also, it can help you use your personal connection with your townspeople to get funded.
  2. Tie up with a local eatery or a food truck company to have specialised snacks that promote your fundraiser. You could name the snack after the project and send a pamphlet with every order to promote your fundraiser.
  3. Team up with school and college festivals and promote the fundraising campaign among them. Conducting poster designing or debate competitions is a good option to promote your fundraising campaign.

From these three ideas, it is evident that the opportunities offered by offline routes of  promotion are endless. Offline routes allows promotion to be more local and individualised, thereby allowing for immediate action. Often in case of fundraisers, donors are people who know the campaigner. So, by going offline , personal bonding with donors can be cultivated. Also, offline fundraisers are a reason to have fun while making an impact.