Obesity May Be Responsible for Causing Gallstones

BMI is related with a gallstone; a higher BMI has a higher risk of getting gallstones. Researchers are not sure until today though that if BMI causes the gallstone risk or it is another factor which gives rise to BMI and forms gallstones. It might be that high-fat diet or inactivity physically are causing both the rise in BMI and causing gallstones.

It should also be noted that hepatic de novo cholesterol synthesis may get increased by obesity as well as hepatobiliary cholesterol efflux. This is an event through which cholesterol gallstones get developed.

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Gallbladder bile stasis and hypomotility might get increased due to abdominal fat mass. This factor might cause the formation of gallstone. Adipocytes also may promote gallstone formation by secretion.

Research shows that there might be a small increased risk of developing gallstones in obese individuals while they are trying out plans for weight loss. This may be due to the absence of fats which are needed in small or necessary amount or protein requirement in the diet for a long period which does contraction for the gallbladder. If someone goes without food for a long time, the contraction of gallbladder decreased leading to increased risk of gallbladder formation.

Why some people develop gallbladders, and some don’t?

As per some researchers from Italy, this is due to the consumption of an amount of refined sugar. A preliminary study carried out by Tufts University, Italy, found that consumption of 400 calories of sugar each day or more by a single person has three times more chances to get gallstones compared to a person who consumes sugar less than 260 calories on a day. People who consume at least 600 calories are more likely to develop gallstones. Refined sugars are present in foods such as cookies, table sugar, soft drinks, and cakes. A cola of thirty-two ounces contains 400 calories of sugar, which is equal to 12.5 teaspoons of sugar.

It is still not so clear and very soon to say if sugar contributes to the cause of gallstone formation, but still your sugar intake should be limited to keep your weight under control.

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