Shangri La – the titled VIP casino in Minsk

Shangri La Casino in Minsk is a part of casino network operated by the international company of Michael Boettcher, Storm International. This is an establishment with experienced professional management, a high level of service and comfort, and a guarantee of security and privacy.

Shangri La casino was repeatedly recognized as the best in Minsk and won many awards, including a victory in the international competition “Choice of the Year” in the Casino No. 1 nomination in 2013-17.

This is a VIP level casino. Velvet cloth, soft light, pleasant music, atmosphere of benevolence and comfort. 15 gaming tables, more than 30 slot machines, a wide selection of games and a variety of bets. The unique cashless slot game system – without chips and cash, is of great convenience to players.

The restaurant Shangri La, Darren Keane, the CEO of Storm International said, this is a famous culinary spot, with the best European dishes from chef Mark Ulrich. Shangri La parties, events or concerts of popular pop stars not only delight your outside senses but are always accompanied with great cuisine that will delight your inner senses as well.

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